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A refresh of the site has meant its structure has changed and some of the pages you regularly visit now have new homes.

To help you find the information you need, we’ve provided a table for some of our most popular pages with their locations.

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Libraries Explore >> Libraries
Development applications Development >> Development applications
Waste  Live >> Waste and recycling
Resident rates Live >> Residents >> Rates
Business rates Business >> Business responsibilities >> Rates
Planning enquiries Development >> Application guide

Construction regulation - permits

Development approval

Development and building forms

Development >> Building and construction approvals
Parking permits Live >> Residents >> Parking permits
Illegal parking Explore >> Facilities >> Parking >> Fines and enquiries
Animal registration Live >> Animals >> Registration
Graffiti Live >> Anti-social behaviour >> Graffiti
Trees and parks

Live >> Trees

Explore >> Facilities >> Parks

Noise and noise complaints

Live >> Anti-social behaviour >> Noise

Business >> Regulations >> Health and safety

Positions vacant Council >> About Council >> Careers >> Current vacancies
Weather Learn >> General information >> Tourist information >> Climate
Public transport Explore >> Getting around >> Public transport
Contact us Council >> Contact us

Explore >> Getting around >> Accessibility

Explore >> Getting around >> Motorcycles and scooters

Live >> Waste and recycling >> Collection days and bins >> Find your collection day

Council >> Our responsibilities >> Areas of service

Planning controls

Planning instruments

Development >> Planning controls
Visitor guides information Learn >> General information >> Tourist information

City Plan

Development control plans

Development >> Planning controls >> Development control plans
Parking schemes

Live >> Residents >> Parking permits

Business >> Business responsibilities >> Business parking permits

Car parks Explore >> Facilities >> Parking >> Car parks
Victoria Park Pool Explore >> Facilities >> Swimming pools >> Victoria Park Pool
Transport Explore >> Getting around
About Sydney

Explore >> Getting around >> Accessibility

Learn >> General information

Learn >> Research and statistics

Meetings and committees

Council >> About Council >> Meetings

Council >> About Council >> Committees

Cycling Explore >> Getting around >> Cycling
Parks and leisure Explore >> Facilities >> Parks
King George V Recreation Centre Explore >> Facilities >> Community centres
Public transport Explore >> Getting around >> Public transport
CBD access map Explore >> Getting around >> Accessibility
City localities Learn >> About Sydney's areas
Sydney Town Hall Business >> Initiatives >> Landmark venues for hire >> Sydney Town Hall
Library catalogue Explore >> Libraries >> Member services >> Catalogue
City research Learn >> Research and statistics
Volunteer services Community >> Participation >> Volunteer with us
Parking area maps Live >> Residents >> Parking permits >> Area maps

Explore >> Libraries >> Tools and training

Explore >> Libraries >> Member services

Library network and membership Explore >> Libraries >> Member services >> Membership and fees
History and archives Learn >> History
Swimming pools Explore >> Facilities >> Swimming pools

Last updated: Friday, 8 February 2013