Changing your details

Changing your details

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Change of postal address

Changing your postal address

Property owners (or their authorised agent) should keep their contact details up to date. You can change your postal address details in person at one of our Neighbourhood Service Centres or using our online form. You may also notify us of your new postal address in writing by fax, post or email. We cannot accept change of address notifications over the telephone.

The name on your rates notice is taken from the property’s deeds. If you change your name through marriage or by deed poll, lodge the required paperwork with Land and Property Information NSW and the City of Sydney will be informed when the deeds are updated.

Change your address now

Property owners, ratepayers and people authorised to act on their behalf can change their postal address online by completing a 5-step form. Only the property owner, ratepayer or a person authorised to act on their behalf should submit the form. You'll need to supply the following:

  • property address or assessment number
  • authorisation to act on owner(s) or ratepayer(s) behalf
  • property owners name(s)
  • contact phone number and a valid email address
  • full postal address that you require future correspondence to be sent to.

At the end of step 5, you have the option to make another address change. When you select this option, the applicant details are retained.

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Last updated: Tuesday, 18 February 2014