Taking care of business

Taking care of business

Education seminars

Following their sell-out success over the past 2 years, our leading business education seminars return in 2014. Our Business 101 seminars cover everything from the basics of setting up your own business to online marketing and are designed for existing and aspiring small business owners. The ChinaConnect workshops will help anyone working in retail, hospitality or tourism engage more effectively with the growing Chinese visitor market.

Business 101

This year’s seminar program features practical presentations and opportunities to quiz industry experts, City staff and successful local businesses. It also offers specialised sessions for budding café and restaurant owners, food truck operators, tech entrepreneurs and artists aiming to turn their creative talents into a business. All sessions will be held at Customs House from 6.30pm to 8.30pm:

  • Food trucks – 21 May
  • Tech start-ups – 18 June and 22 September
  • Small bars – 23 July
  • Food businesses and outdoor dining – 20 August
  • So you want to start a small business – 8 October
  • Grow your business – 15 October
  • Start and grow: creative industry from art to business – 29 October

All sessions are free, but bookings are essential.



Over 350,000 Chinese visitors come to Sydney each year.

As Australia’s strategic and economic ties with China continue to strengthen, this total is expected to double by 2020.

About the same number of local residents have Chinese ancestry, so this is your opportunity to learn about their preferences and capitalise on an expanding market.

The ChinaConnect workshop dates for 2014 are 7 April, 26 June and 19 November.

You’ll leave this practical, hands-on workshop with tools to use immediately in your business. Why not book your spot today?

Last updated: Tuesday, 8 April 2014