Business voting

Business voting

Business voting in Council elections

While businesses across the local area can already vote in Council elections, the City of Sydney provided the NSW Electoral Commission with $215,000 to undertake a campaign to make businesses aware of their right to vote prior to the 2012 election.

Work is now underway to increase the number of businesses participating in elections to make sure their voice continues to be heard. 

To make the voting process as simple as possible, Lord Mayor Clover Moore is supporting reforms to the City of Sydney Act, including the introduction of a permanent register of businesses to be compiled by the independent Electoral Commission. 

Businesses could be added to the register at any time, rather than the current system that sets a specific time to enrol. Before each election the Electoral Commission would write to all businesses to confirmation of their details and their wish to vote. This process would be easier than filling out a BAS or renewing a driver’s licence.

These reforms have the support of the Council, and would ensure the roll for every election is accurate and up to date. It would also protect businesses’ right to make the choice of whether they vote or not – a principle that is supported by the NSW Business Chamber.

Last updated: Wednesday, 9 July 2014