Supporting small business

Supporting small business

Small business in the City

  • The small business sector employs more than 102,000 people
  • There are 18,385 small businesses in the local area
  • A 'small business' employs less than 20 people

The core of our economy

Small business is a critical component of our local economies and a major contributor to the City's livability and vitality.

Growth from the small business sector will represent growth in job numbers and in the diversity of employment opportunities.

More than 80% of all businesses in the City of Sydney are defined as small business, employing over 100,000 people.

A small business is defined as having fewer than 20 employees and it may be in its formative stage or have operated for some time.

Small business within the City is estimated to contribute over a quarter of our economic output – more than $25 billion a year.

In addition to contributing directly to our economy, small business is crucial to support the efficient operation of many medium-sized and large businesses. Small businesses are represented across almost all priority industry or economic sectors.

A common challenge for small business, both new and well established, is access to resources and expertise to build their skills and capacity to operate.

A further issue is their difficulty navigating regulatory and compliance processes associated with all levels of government, commonly labelled 'red tape'.

Going forward

The City will continue to explore ways that it can influence the success of small business operators whether through capacity building initiatives, making it easier to do business or developing programs to help start-ups and small businesses deal more efficiently with government.

We work closely with the NSW Small Business Commissioner to support people to start, run or grow a small business.

The commissioner's role is to support small businesses in NSW by delivering quality business advice, providing dispute resolution services and representing small business within government.

The Small Biz Connect website is a quality, personalised and highly subsidised business advisory program for small business in NSW.


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The City working for small business

We currently offer a wide range of initiatives and programs aimed at building capacity and helping small business in the City:

Seminars for small business

Our Business 101 seminars are designed for small business owners who aren't sure where to start. During 2013, we hosted 9 seminars attracting more than 2,000 registrations.

The seminars covered a wide range of topics from technology start-ups to how to put on live music through to an overview of how to start a small business in our local area. We will be running a similar seminar series in 2014.

Supporting our 'Finegrain'

'Finegrain' businesses are small scale, diverse and innovative businesses that are likely to be engaged in specialist retail, hospitality and entertainment or will otherwise encourage activation of under-used spaces in the City laneways and plazas with undersupplied or non-existent business activity in the city centre.

The City offers support to new small businesses to locate, and existing businesses to grow, in the laneways of central Sydney, as well as new, unique and innovative businesses to start-up or relocate to central Sydney.

Helping new businesses open

To help navigate the regulatory processes and procedures required to open a compliant busines within the local area, we have developed a suite of easy-to-use guides.

The guides focus on small bars, office space, retail space (including pop-up retail space), cafés and restaurants.

Affordable space for new businesses

The City owns a number of properties across our local area, including retail and office space. We make best use of our properties for the development of small, creative businesses through our Creative hubs program.

Also, our Creative Spaces website is a free resource where you can find or list space to rent in order to create, develop and exhibit or perform work.

Providing platforms for new business types

We are continually looking for ways to introduce new, exciting businesses in our local area. As part of the City's 1-year food truck trial, 9 food trucks have been operating day and night offfering diverse dining options.

In an effort to reactivate parts of the city centre and to build a diverse, eclectic and unique night-time culture, we have encouraged the development of new licensed premises through our focus on small bars.

Improving our shopfronts

The City encourages building owners or tenants to make improvements to their shopfront that without financial help may not be able to happen.

Last updated: Tuesday, 5 May 2015