CBD and Harbour

CBD and Harbour

Northern city centre, Barangaroo, Millers Point, Walsh Bay and The Rocks

Once dominated by the now-closed port facilities, the proposed Barangaroo development promises new business opportunities through increased residential and commercial activity in the north-western part of the peninsula.

Other business opportunities can be found in The Rocks, which offers a diverse residential and business community, where public housing tenants live among advertising agencies, tourism operators, historic pubs and modern art galleries.

The Rocks Markets take place every weekend. Neighbouring Walsh Bay is home to 12 arts companies and theatres, with a selection of attractive cafés and restaurants set against a stunning backdrop of 9 historic wharves.

The rest of this area is at the heart of the city centre where you will find headquarters of many national and multinational companies. The biggest employer here is the finance and financial services sector, accounting for 36.5% of jobs in the village.

Other big employers include professional and business services, and retail. The area includes significant institutions and tourist precincts, such as the Opera House, Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, The Rocks and Walsh Bay, the Domain and Hyde Park, the Art Gallery of NSW and Government House.

It is little surprise then that there are more than 10,000 hotel and serviced-apartment rooms in this village. Areas of high commercial density include Darling Park and the Citibank building on Park Street and Martin Place.


City of Sydney
Business Precinct Coordinator
02 9265 9333

Walsh Bay Arts and CommerceChair: Brigid Kennedy02 9247 2457

The Rocks Chamber of Commerce
President: Michael Lacey02 9252 7499

Darling Harbour Business Association
CEO: Stephen Grieve02 9410 2172

City Partnership Inc
President: Stephen M Taylor02 9252 7499

Last updated: Wednesday, 4 September 2013