Chinatown and CBD South

Chinatown and CBD South

Southern city centre, Haymarket and
Darling Harbour

Retail and food and drink outlets provide the most dominant business opportunities here. The area is the smallest of the 10 village centres, and is particularly famous for its Chinese stores, restaurants and the bustling Friday night markets in Dixon Street.

Sydney's Chinese New Year Festival is centred on this part of town and Paddy’s Market on Hay Street attracts millions of visitors a year.

This village covers the southern half of the city centre and Darling Harbour, a revitalised port area now popular with tourists, local revellers, and conference and trade show attendees.

After the CBD and Harbour village centre, Chinatown and CBD South village has the second highest number of workers within its boundaries. The 2 biggest employers by industry are finance and financial services, and professional and building services.

There has been strong residential growth in this area, with nearly all residents housed in multi-storey apartment blocks.

Locals are well-served by public transport with Central Station, the Railway Square bus interchange and several light rail stops.

The City is improving the streetscape and laneways in the area, making it more inviting for shoppers and diners.


City of Sydney
Business Precinct Coordinator
02 9265 9333

Haymarket Chamber of CommercePresident: Brad Chan0403 340 799

Last updated: Wednesday, 4 September 2013