Glebe Point Road

Glebe Point Road

Glebe, Forest Lodge and Annandale

Changes to licensing laws have seen a flourish of small bars and eateries in the Glebe, Forest Lodge and Annandale areas, with new businesses taking advantage of the unique demography and geography of the area.

There are high density housing developments along Parramatta Road, Broadway and on the old Children's Hospital site, with more being planned for the former Harold Park harness-racing track.

As more residents move into the area, demand for retail and hospitality businesses should grow.

Already restaurant, pub and café businesses are popular in this village with Glebe Point Road being a hot spot for eating and drinking. Food and drink businesses account for nearly 20% of employment in the area. Retail provides other business opportunities with bookshops along Glebe Point Road, the weekly Glebe markets and nearby Broadway shopping centre.

Institutions such as UTS, Sydney University and the International Grammar School provide a large number of jobs outside hospitality and retail with biotechnology emerging as another employment avenue for locals.

Of the 10 village centres in the City of Sydney, Glebe Point Road has the highest percentage of floor space dedicated to residential use. The local community is housed in a mix of private and public housing with a greater ratio of women living here compared to the Sydney average.

Most of the employment is along Broadway, in the south-west of the village area. This is where the UTS, Sydney and the Broadway Shopping Centre are situated.


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Last updated: Wednesday, 4 September 2013