Green Square and City South

Green Square and City South

Rosebery, Beaconsfield, Zetland, parts of Waterloo and Alexandria

Green Square is thought to be the largest redevelopment project of its kind in Australia, and it will provide many new business opportunities for a diverse range of businesses.

Once redeveloped, Green Square’s town centre will feature shops, restaurants, and entertainment and community hubs. Set to become a vibrant urban village that's green in more than just name, Green Square town centre will embrace progressive environmental initiatives and incorporate cycle ways and open spaces.

Close to central Sydney and transport links, including a train station, the Green Square and City South village is expected to attract more than 40,000 residents by 2021.

Green Square and City South village covers 590 hectares of land in Sydney’s oldest industrial area and takes in parts of the suburbs of Zetland and Beaconsfield, as well as Alexandria, Rosebery and Waterloo.

Although still mainly industrial, the area houses several major business and corporate parks around Alexandra Canal. Transport and logistics account for more than 20% of jobs in the area.

The manufacturing sector comprises 8% of businesses in Green Square and surrounds, and most people employed in the motor vehicle sector within the City work here.

One sector to watch is the growing number of new cafés and fresh food establishments especially in the Alexandria area.


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Last updated: Wednesday, 4 September 2013