Redfern Street

Redfern Street

Redfern, Waterloo, Eveleigh, Chippendale
and Darlington

The City of Sydney's shopfront improvement program has been a major catalyst in driving renewed interest in Redfern, with new shops, bars and restaurants invigorating the charm and character of this historical area.

The new Central Park development across from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) will also give the village a major boost by attracting more residents, and providing new business opportunities through extra retail and office space.

Revitalisation is also being driven by the large number of younger professionals moving into the area due to its close proximity to the city centre.

Redfern Park and Redfern Oval are multimillion dollar sporting facility makeovers, a direct result of this resurge in local interest.

Redfern is the heartland of Sydney's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, showcasing contemporary art in local galleries, and nurturing education, sports and arts opportunities at the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence.

Chippendale boasts a handful of music-friendly pubs and numerous art spaces, including the new Frasers Studios and the Pine Street Creative Arts Centre.

Waterloo boasts a rich social history and public housing community with Danks Street becoming a destination arts hub and dining strip.

Carriageworks at Eveleigh is an exciting cultural addition to the area and Australian Technology Park is one of Sydney's newest and largest employment hubs, specialising in innovation, media, heritage and education.

The biggest employer in the village is higher education and research – unsurprising given the nearby University of Sydney.

The area is well-served by public transport with Redfern Station on the village's western edge.

With more than half its floor space dedicated to people's homes, the area has the second highest residential population among the City's 10 village groups.


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Last updated: Thursday, 5 September 2013