Greening your business

Greening your business

Going green makes good business sense

Working towards a sustainable future is a founding principle of  the City’s Sydney 2030 vision to make our city as green, global and connected as possible by 2030.

Greening your Business is a core element of our vision, offering 4 programs designed to help Sydney’s business sector operate with greater environmental awareness:

  • Smart Green Business
  • CitySwitch Green Office
  • Better Buildings Partnership
  • Building upgrade finance
  • Sustainable Destination Partnership. 

Our aim is to be internationally recognised as an outstanding environmental performance leader, with new green industries driving economic growth.

We have adopted ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions with a network of infrastructure to manage water, energy and waste sustainably through a range of programs.

Smart Green Business offers companies support and advice to help them reduce energy and water costs and improve waste management.

Sustainability programs officer Jonathan Boys says, "Our Smart Green Business Program has assisted over 400 Sydney businesses to cut utility costs and improve environmental performance since it began in 2009.

"We initially helped about 350 small and medium sized businesses save an average of $4,700 in water, energy and waste bills," he says.

In 2013/14, we extended our focus to larger companies, mainly the accommodation sector – hotels and serviced apartments.

This added a further 70 firms, mostly in the central Sydney area. 

Cumulatively, program participants have made $3 million worth of savings to date, reduced their carbon emissions by 7,800 tonnes, saved 740 million litres of water, and diverted 4,700 tonnes of waste from landfill.

Novotel Darling Harbour is currently saving 24 kilolitres of water daily. 

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"All Novotel Hotels’ water performance is monitored by our head office in Paris," chief engineer Art Abad says. 

"In 2012, the average water consumption for Novotels in Australia was 213 litres per guest per day. Our result was just 167 litres, but we hoped to reduce it further.

"In 2013, we joined the Smart Green Business program. They recommended installing water regulators for even bigger savings. We did.

"And as predicted, our water consumption has dropped again, by 2 litres per guest per day, to 165! This is easily the best energy performance of any Novotel in Australia.

"We opened in 1991, yet we achieved this excellent result despite our older infrastructure. Thanks to Smart Green Business advice we are saving water daily for every one of our guests," he says.

Commercial building improvement guide 

The business case for commercial building upgrades and tune-ups is well-established. Upgrades deliver significant operational cost savings, improve asset value and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The commercial building improvement guide, is a 6 step introductory guide to upgrading your building, from consideration and baseline assessment to financing, implementation and ongoing management.

The guide also provides an extensive list of resources to assist with the upgrade process.