Environmental upgrade finance

Environmental upgrade finance

Fund a green building retrofit

The City of Sydney has a scheme to help fund building upgrades that improve environmental performance.

The scheme can help commercial property owners and tenants reduce the environmental impact of buildings and save on long-term operating costs.

This funding scheme is part of the NSW Government’s Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) legislation, which helps councils enter into agreements with property owners and finance providers. Funds advanced to the property owner are repaid by councils levying a quarterly charge on their land. Once the City collects the money, it forwards that payment to the finance provider.

Environmental upgrade works are works that improve the energy, water or environmental efficiency or sustainability of the building to which the EUA relates. A proposed upgrade will involve works that improve the environmental performance of the building and includes activity to:

  • increase energy and water efficiency
  • prevent or reduce pollution and waste
  • reduce material consumption
  • improve recycling
  • reduce use of private motor vehicles
  • enable monitoring of environmental quality
  • reduce greenhouse gases.

Applying for an EUA

  1. Speak to a member of the City's environmental upgrade finance team. To find out more, you can also review the City's environmental upgrade finance policy and EUA enforcement procedure. The enforcement procedure is available for download below.
  2. Complete the EUA application form. The form is available to download below.
  3. If approved, complete the EUA template agreement. The agreement is available to download below.
The building upgrade process diagram below shows how the EUA steps fit into the overall process and what parties are involved. You can also download the infographic.

More information

For a closer look at environmental upgrade agreements, please read our EUA guide. The environmental upgrade agreement schedule of fees is also available to download below.

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage site has more information about agreements across the state. The state department has also provided the video below which helps to explain the EUA process.

You can also visit the Low Carbon Australia site for more details about how to get started.


Environmental Upgrade Finance Team
City of Sydney
02 9246 7843


NSW Office of Environment and HeritageLow Carbon Australia

Building upgrade process. Identify eligible works to improve building environmental performance including, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, water-saving equipment, general plant and equipment. Consult with existing tenants, confirm approx. costs, check planning requirements with the City. Contact your lender and the City. Prepare and finalise scope of work and tender documents. Advertise tender and source supplier quotes, evaluate tenders and appoint suppliers and contractors. Finalise finance with lender including letter of offer. Finalise EUA documents. Funds released and upgrade works carried out.

Last updated: Thursday, 17 July 2014