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Seminars and workshops hosted by City of Sydney

Business 101: Growing your business

18 November 2015

Find out how to grow your business including business basics, funding and startup advice, using social media to grow your business and case studies.

Joe Kelly

Business 101: Liquor Licensing

21 October 2015

Learn about applying for a liquor licence and how to navigate your business through licence options in this Liquor Licensing 101 workshop. You’ll get an overview on how to apply, transfer and amend a liquor licence in NSW, and learn about common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Joe Kelly

Business 101: Tech startups

23 September 2015

Experts in the field of technology driven business give an insight into the tech start-up world, and their advice for how to make the most out of your tech business.

Stephanie Raco

Business 101: Food trucks

1 September 2015

Hear some of the best food truck owners and operators of Sydney talk about their experiences 'truckin' in the city, and let the City of Sydney's experts explain how to go about starting your own truck.

Jennie Smith

Business 101: Start and grow – Creative industry from hobby to business

29 July 2015

Hear tips and advice on how to take your creative passion from hobby to business. Industry leaders from Etsy's community manager to creative business owners talk about what to think about and where to start with your business idea.

Nick Lembo

Business 101: Food business and outdoor dining

1 July 2015

Hear tips, tricks and insights on how to open a food or drink business in the City of Sydney. Our experts talk about everything from the approvals you need to get started, how liquor licensing works, things to think about if you're new to food and beverage and how to attract customers and optimise your online presence.

Jonathan Forage

Business 101: Marketing your business in an online world

3 June 2015

Hear tips, tricks and insights on what you can do do market your business online. The City of Sydney Marketing Manager and Digital Marketing Specialist will take you through how the City uses social media, and international social media company Lednyak and Associates will explain how they use social for their clients.

Image of Nathan Farrell from Nathan Farrell entertainment

Live Music 101: The essentials of live music

29 April 2015

Want to transform your business into a live music hot spot? Thinking about starting a live music venue? Hear insights from industry experts on how to programme live music - and why you should!

Michael Rantissi - business 101

Business 101: So you want to start a small business

4 March 2015

Featuring business advisors, small business owners, planners and other experts giving advice on how to start a small business.

Dave Bonourvrie - Grow your business

Business 101: Grow your business

15 October 2014

The City's Business Advisor and our Specialist Planner join Mike Dovey from Marketing AroundYou, Lisa Penson from SmallBiz Connect, Luke Heard of PKF Lawler Consulting and Novata Cpaital and Dave Bonouvrie from Lednyak and Associates to talk about the best ways to grow your business.

Speakers during a question and answer session at business 101

Business 101: Marketing Your Business in an Online World

11 April 2014

Hear how the City of Sydney uses social media. Also offering their expertise are international social media company Lednyak Social’s Managing Director Gina Lednyak and Head Strategist Dave Bonouvrie, as well as Brand Governess for Nudie Juice, Carlie Platts.

Andrew Dowling, Founder and CEO,

Business 101: Start-ups August 2013

21 August 2013

Featuring tech business owners, entrepreneurs and technological experts, this seminar will help people who want to start up a technology business.

Will Young

Business 101: So, you want to start a small business?

19 June 2013

Featuring business advisors, small business owners, planners and other experts giving advice on how to start a small business.

Adam Ford

Heritage 101

16 May 2013

Featuring heritage architects and builders, this workshop aims to ensure the participants feel confident about taking in a heritage restoration project.

Peter Cooper

Business 101: Start-ups March 2013

6 March 2013

Get ‘plugged in’ to the Sydney startup community

Stephen Gilby

Talking Shop Seminar Series - Summer in the City

20 November 2012

Opportunities for your business to engage with new customers.

Rebekah Campbell

Talking Shop: Insights to help grow your retail business

6 August 2012

Insights to help retail businesses grow and evolve to meet the market's ever-changing needs.

Matt Newell

Talking Shop: new and innovative ways to create loyalty for your brand

15 May 2012

New and innovative ways to create loyalty for your brand.

Suzie Matthews

Talking Shop: Sydney retail businesses and Christmas

21 September 2011

How to best benefit from our dynamic and inspiring Christmas program of events and activities, aimed at promoting Sydney as a world-class retail destination.

Leigh Small

Talking Shop: Marquee events

21 September 2011

Speakers from Events New South Wales, Sydney Film Festival, Sydney Festival and more tell you how you can get involved in some of Sydney's unique events.

Professor Lorraine Gamman

Retail loss prevention & safety seminar for small business

5 April 2011

How to design out shoplifting, the rights of retailers, and procedures to manage and support staff.

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