Business 101: Cult following, your brand your business

Why building a solid brand is essential for your business

12 July 2016


Welcome & Introduction: Councillor Robert Kok

Keynote Speaker: Jessica Ruhfus, Collabosaurus
Keynote Speaker: Jake Smyth, Mary's
Presentation: Matthew Lee, IP Australia
Keynote Speaker: Rodney Hinde, BUNDA
Top 10 takeaway tips

Industry experts share their branding ‘know how’ and why it is essential that your customers buy into the experience of your business.

Mary’s, who have a cult-like burger following, will give you an understanding on how to get your fan base started.

BUNDA will share the importance of identifying brand essence, brand values, brand promise and key points of difference; and how it is essential that all staff be completely aligned with these.

Collabosaurus will help you recognise how easy connecting with other businesses is, and how to leverage powerful partnerships to benefit your business.

IP Australia will get you thinking about for your idea, your rights around intellectual property and how to make sure your idea hasn't been thought up by anyone else first.

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Last updated: Thursday, 14 July 2016