Business 101: Growing pains - avoiding the pitfalls of your own success

7 September 2016


Welcome and introduction: Jo Kelly, Host

Keynote Speaker: Candace Barron, NSW Small Business
Keynote speaker: Nahji Chu, misschu
Top 10 takeaway tips: Jo Kelly, Host
Keynote speaker: Matthew Seisun, Better Backs

Hear from brave industry insiders Nahji Chu from misschu and Matthew Seisun from Better Backs who will share painful truths about having a business grow too quickly. You’ll explore scenarios where your decisions could end up damaging your business. You’ll also hear from Candace Barron from NSW Small Business who will illustrate how quickly a dispute can derail a small business not only through the costs involved, but also the time it takes to settle it.

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Last updated: Friday, 9 September 2016