Practical learning for entrepreneurs

Practical learning for entrepreneurs

Technology start-ups

Our new 10-year draft tech startups action plan outlines how the City of Sydney could be a meaningful part of the tech startup community.

We want to work with industry and government partners to strengthen the ecosystem which enables entrepreneurs to start and grow successful global businesses.

To further develop the action plan we now need your feedback and ideas.

We hope to enable an open, inclusive, skilled and highly connected tech startup ecosystem which can thrive.

Sydney’s ecosystem is in the early stages of development and the needs of tech startups are very different to those of small businesses. 

Governments across the world are establishing programs to support tech entrepreneurs in an effort to spur economic growth and job creation. 

Sydney startups are competing in this global marketplace without similar levels of support.

This action plan responds to the findings of extensive research and consultation, as well as number of pilot projects.  

Many of the actions in this plan suggest how the City can act; however, each specific project will need to be scoped in partnership with the ecosystem.

The tech startups action plan was on public exhibition until 10 November 2015.

You can also join the conversation with #startupsyd.


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Last updated: Tuesday, 26 April 2016