Open your business

Open your business

Business compliance

To help you navigate the regulatory processes and procedures required to open a compliant business within the City of Sydney's local area, we have developed a suite of easy-to-use guides. The kits enable potential tenants to access relevant information in a clear, user-friendly format.

The guides, available for download below, target the 5 main areas in the retail sector, about opening:

  • small bars
  • office space
  • retail space
  • pop-up retail space
  • cafés and restaurants – coming soon. 

The development assessment process is required to ensure your use of a building meets federal, state and local government laws, regulations and policies.

Before you sign a lease, an agreement to lease or a rental agreement, we recommend you use the guides below to help you identify whether or not a particular building has the required approvals for your intended business activities.

Please note: These guides available for download do not provide legal or commercial advice. If you wish to open a business, make sure you get expert legal, accounting or planning advice to help you make an informed decision.

Finding space

Creative Spaces is a free resource where you can find or list space to rent in order to develop, create, exhibit or perform work.

Go to Links below for more information.

Business security

Although Sydney is a very safe place to open a business, you and your business can help keep the City safe and implement some simple procedures.

Get the facts on businss security, available for download below.


Creative Spaces

Last updated: Thursday, 27 March 2014