Mobile food vendors

Mobile food vendors

How to get started

We have put together a comprehensive guide to help you find out what approvals you'll need to open a food truck or food van in the City's local area.

Free guide (PDF 8.8MB)

Now serving

Find out where Sydney Food Trucks are serving now or download our free app when you're out and about, available on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

How to apply for approval

We approve all mobile food vending businesses intending to sell food to the public in the local area.

Before you start the application process we recommend you discuss your proposed business with the City’s food truck project manager on 02 9265 9333.

There are 2 types of mobile food vending operations that are permitted in the City:

  1. Food vans: Restricted to serving food that is not potentially hazardous or involves low-risk practices such as frothing milk. Food vans can only trade for a maximum period of 15 minutes, for example, an ice cream van or a van serving coffee and cakes.
  2. Food trucks: No restrictions to their menu and can trade for a maximum period of 5 hours. Food trucks are essentially a kitchen on wheels, for example, a gourmet food truck serving made to order hot food such as tacos.

We have put together a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the approvals process, available for download below.

The local approvals policy, also available for download below, details how approvals are granted for mobile food vending vehicles in the City. It sets out the relevant laws for safe food handling and preparation practices, and conditions for on-street trading including hours of operation, permitted streets and proximity to other businesses. Area maps can be downloaded below.

Vending at events

If you want a food truck at your event you can get in touch with the food truck operators directly.

If you have approval from the City to trade as a mobile food vending vehicle then you do not need any further approvals to sell food at events within the local area. However, if your business does not have approval, you'll need to apply for a temporary food stall permit.

OPEN Sydney

The food trucks program emerged from our OPEN Sydney consultation in mid-2011 where many people said they wanted more late-night quality food options in the City.


To find out more about food van and food truck approvals, please contact:

Food Truck Project Manager02 9265 9333


Sydney Food Trucks

Restricted areas and exclusion zones for mobile food vendors

Restricted streets
Vehicles not permitted to operate

Kings Cross precinct exclusion zone
Kings Cross Precinct Liquor Accord & Liquor License Freeze

SHFA controlled land
Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority without prior consent

Last updated: Monday, 15 June 2015