Food truck operators

Food truck operators

Food-on-the-move is here to stay

Following a phenomenally successful 2-year trial, Sydney food trucks is now a permanent program that plays an important ongoing role in Sydney’s night-time economy. More trucks have been added to the fleet since then, making a total of 15 now operating across the local area (see table below), with 7 more awaiting inspection for final approval.

The Sydney food trucks concept and trial was developed following our OPEN Sydney consultation in 2011 that revealed Sydney residents wanted more varied, accessible, and affordable late-night eating options.

Essentially kitchens on wheels, the trucks sell a wide range of freshly-prepared gourmet foods. From crepes, pasta, tortillas or dumplings to veggie burgers and Maltese pastizzi, each truck serves an average of over 1,700 customers a month in different locations across Sydney, with peak trading hours between 9pm and midnight.

Trucks change sites regularly and are permitted to trade both in City-owned streets, and in 10 designated off-street trading locations including high demand sites such as Customs House, Pitt Street Mall and Hyde Park.

The program has been enthusiastically welcomed by residents and visitors, with a 2013 survey showing that 98% of Sydneysiders support the initiative. More than one-third of customers said they would otherwise have eaten at home, showing that food trucks are creating a new market and 72% feel food trucks made the area feel safer.

The Sydney Food Trucks app for Android or iPhone, which launched in October 2012, has been downloaded more than 64,000 times and receives an average 400 visits each day.

Potential food truck operators are also keen to join the program. To date, we have received over 600 enquiries. We now have 29 approvals and hope to grant a total of 50 over the next 2 years. We’ve also set up a food truck design panel to assess the quality of the applicant's vehicle design and menus, and more locations will be made available across the city for the trucks to trade.

Ben Siderowitz, with his NYPD (New York Pastrami Deli) food truck, is one of the latest recruits.

"Food has always been my passion," he says. "It started when I helped my grandma in the kitchen as a little boy and later I loved to cook for my friends and family. The food truck concept matches my personality, as I don’t like to be in one place for too long and subscribe to the philosophy of variety being the 'spice of life'.

"My early impression as an operator is that the general public is very receptive to food trucks and has readily embraced NYPD and our menu. I’ve been surprised that so many new customers have yet to taste New York style cuisine and this is exciting. It gives me the opportunity to make them their first Reuben or Pastrami on Rye! The overall customer response has been very positive and I love seeing the same people come back each week.

"Food trucking is working even better than I had hoped, even though it is a challenge, and sometimes you can put your sweat and tears into a day’s work for very little financial reward. But the bigger picture is always the most important. It’s exciting to be in an industry which is fairly new and on the move. This allows me to think outside the box and be an innovator rather than an imitator," he says.

The City's project manager, Lana Zegura, says that the visible success of the program is attracting widespread interest.

"Parramatta and Liverpool councils are accepting food trucks with City of Sydney permits to trade in their local government areas. In the future, we’re hoping that other councils also adopt a form of food truck approvals so that we can expand our capacity and have food trucks trading across the [council] borders of Sydney.

"I’ve also had enquiries about our food truck program from Christchurch, London and even Lima, not to mention almost every major city in Australia!

"Food truck businesses are as small and as local as it gets and when allowed to thrive, they bring incredible innovation to our local communities. Some of the chefs out there are trying out some pretty quirky cuisines and people love it!" she says.

If you are a Sydney restaurant owner and interested in operating a food truck, you’ll be looking at set-up costs of $100,000 to $150,000 with operating costs averaging $6,000 per month, plus wages for up to 4 staff and food costs.

See the table below to check out the diversity of our food trucks now operating.

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Sydney Food Trucks

To book a Sydney Food Truck at your next public event, you can find out more about their vehicle dimensions, the food they serve and contact details below. 


For more information or to download the free app visit:

Sydney Food Trucks

Food truck Vehicle dimensions Cuisine Contacts
Agapé Organic Food Truck

Truck: 3300H x 2200W x 8200L

Weight: 7,500kg

Serving their popular spelt pizzas, tasty tapas and other delicious specialities, Agapé proudly supports Australian farmers by using the best certified organic, sustainable and natural produce.

Simon Lawson0413 875 033

Al Carbón

Trailer: 2950H x 2500W x 6500L

Weight: 2,630kg

Creating a party wherever they go, the signature dish to try is the Al Pastor – spicy charcoal spit roasted marinated pork, charred pineapple and salsa roja served in a tortilla harina with coriander and onions.

Attila Yilmaz 0416 061

Bite Size Delights

Trailer: 2930H x 2200W x 6200L

Weight: 2,350

These popular and tasty handmade pastie pockets are filled with everything from the traditional spinach and ricotta; pea, lentil, feta, chicken and mushroom; to beef curry; salmon, dill and ricotta; and chocolate and ricotta. There are about 15 different fillings to try!

Peter Saad0414 415


Trailer: 2900H x 2300W x 5800L

Weight: 3,520kg 

Choripan or 'chorizo in bread' is a mainstay of Latin street food where hearty chorizo sausage is served with traditional chimichurri. These flavours combine to create the passion that typifies South America and is sure to appeal to the Aussie palate and sense of adventure.

Andrew Pentespitis 0434 146

Cantina Movil

Truck: 3350H x 2150W x 6350L

Weight: 3,500kg

Mexican Street Food was the first food truck to serve in Sydney's city centre in 2012, under it's former name: Cantina Mobil. The delicioso menu consists of 3 signature meats and autentico pinto beans, each one can be enjoyed on tacos, nachos or burritos. Chilli corn and Mex-inspired ice-creams round out the menu, with Mexican sodas and non-alcoholic Sangria also on offer. Cantina Movil inspires a fiesta wherever they roam and their loyal posse of Amigos are always ensured a memorable street-side feast. Arriba!

Eat Art Truck

Truck: 3200H x 2500W x 7300L

Weight: 4,300kg

Signature dishes on the opening menu include kingfish ceviche, twice-cooked steak ssam-style (in a lettuce wrap), smokey Southern barbecue beef, pulled pork served in a bun, karaage prawns (crispy fried school prawns), and Annindofu (almond milk jelly with peach jam).

Jeremy Yang0410 665

Lets Do Yum Cha

Trailer: 3300H x 2200W x 6500L

Weight: 4,495kg

From barbecue pork buns, prawn and chive dumplings, chicken dim sims, prawn gow gee, vegetarian and mushroom gow gees to a delicious twice-cooked pork belly with plum sauce served on a Chinese spoon. Plus when in season, the specialty dessert –mango pancake – will be added.

Rowan Bates0414 986

Monster Rolls

Trailer: 3500H x 2500W x 5700L

Weight: 4,500kg 

Monster Rolls is bringing you the best slow-cooked local meats served on a freshly baked chewy baguette matched with a unique home-made sauce and topped with a fresh crunchy home-made slaw. Our signature chicken schnitzel served on a freshly baked baguette with traditional Louisiana sauce and slaw as well as our crispy chicken wings, hand cut twice-cooked potato chips and also a seasonal salad box topped with your choice of meat and sauce combo! George Williams0456 560
The Nighthawk Diner

Trailer: 3000H x 3000W x 6000L

Weight: 1,200kg

Re-worked diner classics like the cheeseburger, Philly cheesesteak, Cuban sub, Yankee nachos and milkshakes are on the menu. All burgers and sandwiches come with freshly cooked potato crisps and Kosher pickle. All ingredients including the bun are made from scratch. Alistair Fogg
0409 179 391
NYPD (New York Pastrami Deli) 

2650H x 1993W x 6961L



NYPD serves traditional deli cuisine that you would find at some of the most famous delicatessens throughout New York. The family made corned beef, pastrami and hot dogs are served in huge portions. The potato salad, crisps and coleslaw are piled high. The delicious pickles and refreshing cold drinks help complete your meal. NYPD will ‘Arrest your hunger’.

Ben Siderowitz
0481 318 562

Sarazine La Crêperie

Truck: 2600H x 2300W x 4000L

Weight: 1,300kg 

In French, Sarazine means ‘Buckwheat’, related to Rhubarb, not wheat and is the main ingredient of traditional savoury ‘gallete’.  Savoury crepes are served on delicious organic buckwheat based galettes and sweet crepes are served on traditional wheat based crepes. We have a range of different savoury and sweet filling depending on the season. Andrew Hay
0431 608 572
Street Sliders

Truck: 3500H x 2100W x 7000L 

Weight: 5,880kg 

Street Sliders want to give the people of Sydney the opportunity to appreciate the true beauty of a quality burger. No stone has been left unturned in the creation of each slider. The crisp brioche bun, the juicy protein, fresh produce and homemade sauces have been carefully put together to guarantee a flavour explosion with every bite! Patrice Empeigne
0413 691 126

Truck: 2940H x 1993W x 6940L

Weight: 4,490kg

Steamed buns are at the heart of Tsuru’s menu, shaped like a half-moon, the soft pillowy steamed buns sandwich a variety of fillings from the signature "PIG" – a piece of luscious slow-braised pork belly with pickles, to roasted duck with lychees and Bulgogi beef with kimchi. The rest of the menu pays homage to different parts of Asia, including Indonesian inspired chicken and lamb satay skewers and Japanese onigiri (rice balls). Ellyn Tse0416 832
Urban Pasta

Truck: 2900H x 2300W x 6700L

Weight: 3,500kg

Experience this urban pasta bar on wheels serving restaurant quality meals for people on the go. Every "cup" of pasta is a heavenly combination of authentic sauces and freshly cooked pasta, packed with freshness and flavour every time. Try the signature slow-cooked lamb ragù! Stephane Chevassus
0406 358
The Veggie Patch Van

Truck: 3000H x 2500W x 7000L

Weight: 4,900kg

The menu of the day might include veggie burgers made with a zucchini, chickpea, feta and mint fritter topped with roasted tomato, beetroot relish, caramelised onions, dill mayonnaise, coriander and spinach on an ancient grain bun. You can also expect delicious quinoa salads, falafels and mixed chips using seasonal vegetables, as well as fresh smoothies and juices in the daytime made from fruits sourced from NSW farms.

Karl Cooney0411 235

Last updated: Wednesday, 26 November 2014