Temporary food stalls

Temporary food stalls

How to apply

Sampling Sydney's huge range of cuisines is part of the appeal of visiting our markets, fairs and other public events. The City of Sydney regulates these events to protect people from food poisoning.

Information for stallholders

If you want to sell food at one-off public events like markets, fairs and concerts, you need approval from the City of Sydney.

Submit your application and payment at least 2 weeks before you want to start trading. Approvals are valid for 12 months. A separate application form must be lodged for each stall you have and another fee will be charged. Please refer to the City's fees and charges.

Your stall must pass an offsite health inspection for off-site food preparation and storage. The inspection can be carried out by the City of Sydney, another council or the NSW Food Authority. The report you receive when your stall passes the inspection must be lodged with your application for approval. No charge is made for the first routine health inspection of the stall if made within 12 months of approval.

Once your stall is approved by the City of Sydney, you will receive a unique reference number to supply to organisers for events in our area. The organisers will need to approve your participation at each event separately.

Your business must comply with the City's health conditions, the Food Standards Code, the Food Act 2003 and the Food Regulation 2010 at all times when operating and trading.

Requests to review a decision to revoke or decline approval should be made in writing to the City of Sydney using the details below.

Application checklist

  • Completed and signed temporary food stall application form
  • Copy of a recent satisfactory health inspection report for any off-site food areas
  • Cheque or fee payable to "City of Sydney Council".

Temporary food stalls selling unpackaged, ready-to-eat potentially hazardous food will need to appoint a food safety supervisor.

You can mail your application to us or lodge it in person. Our details are in the right column.

Information for event organisers

All temporary events where food will be served must firstly be registered online with the NSW Food Authority (see link below).

City of Sydney approval is also required. Event organisers must download, complete, sign and return the registration form along with a map of stall locations and the unique registration number for each stallholder. This must be submitted at least 2 weeks before an event is to take place and accompanied by the relevant fee.

If you are providing stalls, please note that the standard fete type stalls are often too small for cooking operations. As cooking, food preparation and storage is often conducted at the rear of the stall this area must be provided with overhead cover such as a tarpaulin. Waterproof ground cover must be provided.

Registration checklist

  • Completed and signed temporary food event application form
  • Site map indicating stall locations
  • List of businesses – name, site location and City of Sydney reference number.

You can send registrations to the City by post or lodge them at the One Stop Shop (details below).


Health Inspections Unit
City of Sydney
Town Hall House
GPO Box 1591
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Neighbourhood Service Centre
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Food Standards CodeFood Act 2003Food Regulation 2010Food safety supervisorsNSW Food Authority: Food notify site

Last updated: Sunday, 30 June 2013