Health and safety

Health and safety

Playing safe

The City of Sydney manages many aspects of environmental health within our boundaries. In some cases, we work with other government agencies.

The City can monitor certain industries to ensure they don't have an adverse affect on people's health and social wellbeing. For example, the construction industry is subject to laws on the amount of noise produced on building sites.

Asbestos has historically been used in building products and there are important steps you need to take to remove it safely.

Fire safety rules apply when setting up a business premises. There is also an annual inspection procedure to follow.

Publicly operated pools and spas can spread disease and infection, so must be inspected regularly.

Water-cooling devices such as air-conditioning units can spread Legionnaire's disease so they must be registered with the City and inspected regularly.

You can find more information about how the City regulates certain activities in our compliance policy and compliance guidelines.

Last updated: Tuesday, 22 April 2014