Outdoor permits

Outdoor permits

Book a park

To enquire about booking a park please contact the City

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Pamphlets and product samples

Distributing pamphlets, leaflets and samples is a great way to promote products, services or causes.

However, you may need to notify NSW Police and have public risk insurance cover of at least $10 million indemnifying the City.

Any application for the distribution of food or drink samples, or ones likely to generate excessive noise, may require additional approvals from the City's Public Health Unit. Contact the unit on 02 9265 9220 to check the requirements.

Please note: other authorities are in charge of other parts of the City and may implement different rules or fees and charges.

For more information see the Other authorities table below.


Buskers need to apply for approval before they can perform (in permitted areas only) in the City.

Find out more about the busking application process.

Personal training and group fitness classes

The City does not impose fees on personal trainers who conduct fitness classes in our parks and reserves. However, we recommend trainers call the City on the number below before they start conducting classes.

Keep in mind that neighbouring authorities and councils may have different rules and regulations. Personal trainers are required to pay a fee, for example, to operate in the Domain, which is part of the City but owned by the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Woollahra Council, which is in charge of the eastern side of Rushcutters Bay Park, imposes fees on personal trainers, and implements time restrictions if their programs are excessively noisy.

See the table below for other organisations that have responsibility for policing personal trainers in some parts of the City.


For more information, please contact your nearest Neighbourhood Service Centre.

Other authorities

Authority Areas
Australian Technology Park Oval
Sports court
Open spaces (within Australian Technology Park boundaries)
Centennial Parklands Centennial Park and Moore Park
Department of Planning and Infrastructure

CADI Park, Pyrmont
Gatehouse Park, Refinery Park, Pyrmont
The Knoll, Pyrmont

Housing NSW Poets Corner
Waterloo Green
Sydney Trains Inside train stations (leaflet enquiries: Australian Posters)
Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust The Royal Botanic Gardens, The Domain
Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

Ballarat Park
Barney and Bligh Reserve
Cadman's Cottage
Darling Harbour
Darling Walk
Dawes Point Park
First Fleet Park, Circular Quay
Metcalfe Park
Museum of Contemporary Art forecourt
Pyrmont Bay Park
The Rocks
Tumbalong Park
Waterfront Park

Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House forecourt
 The University of Sydney Ovals
Sports fields
Open space within Camperdown campus
Open space behind Wentworth Building, Chippendale


Last updated: Wednesday, 14 August 2013