How you can get involved

How you can get involved

Be a part of our City

As a resident or business/property owner in the City of Sydney, your rates and any fees and charges you pay contribute to the provision of essential services.

The City of Sydney welcomes and encourages your input and below is just three of the ways you can have your say in its operations. 

Contacting councillors

The City’s ten councillors are elected for a four-year term by residents and ratepayers (business and property owners). Read biographies of the councillors.


Attending council meetings

Members of the community have the opportunity to participate in community forums and council committee meetings.

Providing feedback on policy and strategies

 The City recognises that community input is vital in order for proposals and projects to respond effectively to local needs and succeed. The City publicly exhibits proposals and projects and invites community feedback.

Last updated: Friday, 7 December 2012