Council services

Council services

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Areas of service in the City

Some relevant council services are listed below. 

Multicultural services: The City fosters a vibrant and diverse city community through a variety of multicultural initiatives and programs. 

Over 55s services: The City provides an extensive range of services and programs designed to support and encourage seniors and people with disabilities to participate in community life. 

Children services: The City is committed to creating a family friendly city environment. Families with children can choose from a wide range of council, government, private and community services including childcare, preschools, playgroups, after school care, school holiday care and schools. 

Homelessness service: Each year, our homelessness service, through the Homeless Persons Information Centre, the City Outreach Service and the Homelessness Brokerage Program help many thousands of homeless people, providing them with information, advice, accommodation and practical support. 

Youth services: The City values the energy and vitality young people contribute to society and we seek to support them through a variety of youth initiatives. 

Sport and recreation: The City of Sydney provides swimming pools, parks, sport and recreation centres for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.

Community buses: The Community Bus Scheme is available to non-profit community organisations and groups that provide services of benefit to either the entire City of Sydney community or a specific target group.

Community venues for hire: The City has a great variety of community venues available for hire. They include rooms, halls and auditoriums suitable for community meetings, conferences, functions and weddings.

Grants and sponsorships: The City offers a variety of grants, awards and sponsorships designed to invigorate and support the city community.

Waste and recycling: The City encourages and assists residents to protect the city environment by reducing household waste and increasing recycling.

Community safety: The City works with police, business, residents and other stakeholders to increase safety in the city through community awareness and education, community projects and safe urban design.

Last updated: Friday, 7 December 2012