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Podiatry clinic

Podiatry clinic

Better steps to good health

Healthy feet are essential to a healthy and active lifestyle. To help you take care of them we offer a low-cost podiatry clinic for members of our Over 55s Centres. A small fee is charged to use the service.

The clinic is held from 8am to 1pm every Friday (except public holidays) at the Ron Williams Centre, Redfern. Bookings are essential.

If you need free transport arranged for your appointment, let yout community worker know when you book.

Foot facts

A person will walk around 128,000 kilometres in an average lifetime, which is equivalent to walking around the world more than 3 times!

Our feet absorb 1½ to 2 times of our own body weight during normal walking, which increases up to 4 times when we are jogging.

By the time the average person reaches the age of 50, they will have lost up to half of the shock-absorbing capacity of their natural foot pad.

Regular exercise can help you stay on your feet longer by improving your strength and balance. To take care of your feet, make an appointment today at our next podiatry clinic.


To become a member and to make your appointment with the Podiatry Clinic, please contact the community worker at your nearest Over 55s Centre.

For more information about the podiatry service, please contact:

Community Worker
Ron Williams Centre, Redfern
02 9288 5601

Last updated: Wednesday, 5 December 2012