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Homeless Persons Information Centre


The Homeless Persons Information Centre is a telephone information and referral service for people who are, or at risk of, experiencing homelessness. Professional assessments and referrals are provided to accommodation and support services across NSW.

Up-to-date information about services is provided through the information centre’s close links with providers.

The information centre can help individuals, families and any person escaping violence or abuse.

Team members at the information centre prefer to speak to the client directly. This allows clients to express their own needs and give permission for their details to be disclosed in a referral.

Some details the HPIC may require include name, age and date of birth, any developmental or physical disabilities, any pension or benefits received, diagnosed mental illness and any drug or alcohol issues.

Clients may contact the service anonymously. The information centre will provide information, but may not be able to help with a referral.

Operating hours

9am to 10pm daily, including public holidays.


Homeless Person Information CentreWithin NSW: 1800 234 566
02 9265 9087
02 9265 9081
02 9265 9639

Last updated: Friday, 12 July 2013