Mobile free food services policy

Working with mobile voluntary service

The mobile free food services policy and voluntary accord aims to engender collaboration and communication across all of the mobile voluntary services that operate in the inner-city. The policy and accord is aimed at the organisations that provide food, blankets, clothing and other sundry items and social connections to people who are homeless and other disadvantaged populations in the inner-city.

The services and their volunteers are encouraged by the City to operate responsibly within ethical and regulatory frameworks.

Some other aims of the program involve:

  • giving volunteers access to information to help people access services
  • linking the organisations into the broader homelessness service network
  • providing assistance from the City through community grants
  • safety assessments in the areas where groups operate
  • coordination with the City’s waste and cleansing teams.

To assist with coordination, current and new services are asked to register with the City. Registration details are shared with relevant City teams, homelessness service providers, other food service operators and vulnerable people within the local area to ensure they can access those services.

Operators who register can receive information about upcoming grant opportunities, policies and services as well as interagency meetings.

You can download maps, the service registration form and further policy and accord information.

Local homelessness support groups

There are approximately 30 different voluntary groups operating within the inner-city. Many of them travel into the inner-city from wider metropolitan Sydney to help people in the local area. Most of the services operate after hours or during weekends when many mainstream services are not available. Details of operating hours and operating times for services can be accessed by the contact details below.


Homelessness Project Coordinator

02 9265 9667

Last updated: Monday, 29 December 2014