Public space liasion officers

Homelessness and public space

The public space liasion officers (PSLO) provide a compassionate and respectful response to addressing issues arising from the impact of homelessness in public places.  The PSLOs work with rough sleepers and street drinkers, the City of Sydney, homelessness service providers, government agencies such as RailCorp, the police as well as local residents and businesses to broker responses that both address the issues and respond to the needs of vulnerable individuals at the same time

PSLOs and City staff regularly consult with rough sleepers in regards to policy and actions that will impact upon them. People experiencing homelessness are given the opportunity to negotiate outcomes and help find solutions. Rough sleepers are encouraged to contact the City with any concerns about their interactions with City staff or external stakeholders.

The PSLO aims to take a preventive rather than reactive approach to people who are homeless by early identification of issues relating to rough sleepers in public places and early referral to assistance.

Public space liaision officers and the community

The City recognises the state government’s protocol for homeless people in public places. The protocol acknowledges the equal rights of all members of the community to access public places. However, people who use public places must do so responsibly.

Tension may arise between the local community and rough sleepers or other people who behave anti-socially in public places. The PSLO is a major link between rough sleepers and the wider community in addressing this tension.


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Last updated: Monday, 3 June 2013