Orientation resources

Orientation resources

Useful resources for education providers

The City of Sydney is committed to the safety and wellbeing of international students studying, living and working in the City.

We know that a number of issues may affect the experience of international students in Sydney. Difficulties like language barriers, making friends and integrating into the local community can sometimes add to the stress of study and lead to feelings of social isolation. 

In collaboration with key stakeholders, we have developed a number of free resources to help newly arrived international students feel welcome and to help with their orientation. 

Education providers may use these resources in their welcome and orientation process for new students. 

Welcome to Sydney 

The welcome letter from the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore has been translated into numerous community languages to help newly arrived students feel at home, which you can download, print and include in your own orientation kits.

In 2013 the City trialled our international student leadership and ambassador program, with 40 leaders and ambassadors successfully graduating from the 6-month training course and work experience program in December 2013. Find out more about each ambassador, their experiences and tips for new international students.

Video presentations
My Study My Career

My Study, My Career

21 March 2014

Advice to international students about finding work while they’re living in Australia and what they can do to maximise job opportunities. Also offers advice regarding safety, including the various forms of domestic violence. Speakers include students, some of the country’s leading employers and legal experts.

Study Work Play Safely

Study, Work and Play Safely

31 October 2013

The purpose of this forum was to enhance the safety and wellbeing of international students through facilitating access to resources and promoting a more cohesive and socially inclusive community by engaging service providers in the process.

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