Connect Sydney

Training for community organisations

The ongoing Connect Sydney project offers free governance training to key members of culturally and linguistically diverse community organisations. The aim of the project is to help such organisations operate sustainably and effectively.

To date Connect Sydney workshops have covered topics such as:

  • grant submissions
  • boards and committees
  • quality leadership
  • cultural intelligence
  • strategic planning
  • financial management.

Training program for 2015

Intensive winning grants seminar

The aim of the training is for participants to gain knowledge and provide them with the tools to write successful funding submissions. This workshop will teach participants how to:

  • effectively present their proposal
  • develop an organisational template
  • determine the best grants for their project
  • write a proposal with a focus on style, treatment and content
  • tailor their proposals to multiple grant makers
  • develop winning project plans and realistic budgets
  • meet different requirements from different sources.

Board/management committee development day

A healthy board is integral to the success and long-term sustainability of any community organisation. The City and the Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW will host a Board/Management Committee Development Day for multicultural organisations that provide a service/program within the local area.

The training will cover:

  • board basics - focusing on modern governance for community groups, coming to grips with your financial and legal obligations and risk management for community group boards and committees
  • board building - focusing on the keys to survival (recruitment and succession fundamentals), getting the nuts and bolts of policies and procedures right and developing better sub-committees
  • better boards - providing a health check for your board, assessing board effectiveness and individual board member effectiveness and managing the process of change
  • troubleshooting - transforming dysfunctional boards and handling personality differences
  • using the Boards, Committees and Governance Centre - focusing on the free resources available for community groups.


Planning for your organisation's future

In this ever-changing operating environment, community organisations need to ensure they look ahead at what is likely to occur and plan accordingly. This practical, hands-on session will cover a basic planning process to enable any organisation to better link their plan to their budget and accountabilities and minimise the risk of crisis.

Points covered include:

  • strategic planning and how it fits with our future
  • agreeing on a framework for the strategic plan
  • stakeholder analysis
  • environmental analysis - what is likely to change and how to factor that in
  • reviewing your mission and vision
  • identifying key result areas and setting objectives
  • implementing your plan
  • monitoring and measuring results.

‘Cents and sensibility’ – financial wisdom for not-for-profit organisations

Good financial management practices are critical to community organisations’ financial sustainability and credibility. This training will give board members and community workers in not for profit organisations key knowledge to ensure that they’re accountable to their constituency and funding bodies.

Topics covered include:

  • financial reports
  • how accountants think (and why)
  • meeting funding requirements
  • what to do with a funding surplus
  • acquittal basics
  • avoiding acquittal pitfalls (tips)
  • avoiding compliance disasters (tips)
  • non-profit service sustainability
  • your questions (and answers)
  • your next steps.


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Last updated: Tuesday, 6 January 2015