Growing the Family Tree

Connecting Generations in Multicultural Families

3 May 2012

The City, in partnership with Relationships Australia NSW and the Ethnic Communities' Council NSW, delivered a forum on experiences of conflict between generations in multicultural families. The forum was hosted by the Hon. Victor Michael Dominello at NSW Parliament House and explored intergenerational conflict in families, focusing on multicultural families living in Australia. The forum aimed to provide a voice for families on these issues and highlight the services that offer support.

The event featured a panel of speakers including co-ordinator of Relationships Australia NSW humanitarian entrants program Rahat Chowdhury; former refugee from Iraq Sam Almaliki; founding advisor of African Women Australia Inc. Juliana Nkrumah; executive officer of Auburn Diversity Services Tia Loko; Argentinean born diversity and leadership trainer, migration professional and social activist Bea Leoncini; and writer Benjamin Law.

Growing the Family Tree: Connecting Generations in Multicultural Families

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