Inclusive sports & recreation

Inclusive sports & recreation

Disability-inclusive events

Sydney prides itself on accessibility and inclusion – whether you’re looking for adventure or culture, there’s plenty of disability-inclusive activities going on in our city.

What's On

Groups and facilities

Sport and recreational activities play an important part in creating inclusive and accessible communities. 

The City of Sydney recognises participation in sport and recreation provides opportunities for people to connect and share experiences. 

To support inclusive programs, the City has put together information that allows people with disability to choose activities and programs that best suit them. 

Facility access features

You can download accessibility information about our community venues, sports facilities and parks.

Sports and recreational groups

What’s On – our official event guide – includes sports and recreational programs that:

  • are whole of community and inclusive of people with disability
  • are targeted for the needs of people with specific disabilities
  • promote pathways between targeted and mainstream activities.

If you are an organisation or a club that runs inclusive programs, we would love you to register your activity. Simply register your event with What’s On for free and tag it as ‘disability-inclusive’.

Need help? Visit our knowledge base.

  • What’s on
  • Music and movement class for children
    Tuesday 23 January 2018
  • Event details

    A weekly 40 minute class for 2 to 4 year-olds. This class is a beginner music session in a structured environment to develop musical awareness and abilities. Children will be singing songs, playing percussion instruments and moving to the beat. This class is taught by a qualified music teacher.

    Adults must be present at each class.

    Pyrmont Community Centre
    Tuesdays and Saturdays, 9.45am to 10.45am

    Tuesday 19 July 2016 to Saturday 8 December 2018

    During school terms

  • Swim Champs at Cook and Phillip Park
    Thursday 25 January 2018
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    We provide aquatic programs to suit a diverse range of people with disabilities and from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The lessons are based on the Swim and Survive program and promote water safety,

    Classes are designed to work with each participant’s ability not their disability.

    The access and inclusion program provides vital water safety and swimming lessons for children and adults with disability.

    Cook+Phillip Park Aquatic and Fitness Centre
    Thursdays, 3pm to 6pm

    Thursday 28 July 2016 to Thursday 1 February 2018

    Friday 29 July 2016 from 3pm to 6pm

  • Sheng zhen gong
    Friday 26 January 2018
  • Event details

    Sheng zhen gong is a beneficial energy cultivating system. Easy to learn flowing, graceful movements and still meditation forms help clear the meridians or pathways of qi (vital life force), promoting wellness of body and mind.

    With contemplation messages to help open the heart, sheng zhen gong is a soothing balm to life’s daily grind and struggles or challenges. It is accessible to people of all ages, abilities and conditions of health.

    The movements can be modified to benefit every participant. It is a return to the natural state of balance, harmony, peace and tranquility. Experience the loving, relaxed state of unconditional love and bring it home for take away.

    Entry is free and newcomers are always welcome. Please wear light and comfortable clothing.

    Redfern Community Centre
    Fridays, 10am to 11.30am

    Friday 28 August 2015 to Friday 1 June 2018

  • Feldenkrais gentle exercise class
    Tuesday 30 January 2018
  • Event details

    Each week, we do a different lesson in movement, thinking or simply breathing, in a chair, on the floor or standing. If you have limitations, don’t be afraid. Come, try from the comfort of a chair. Be open to learn at any age. If you can imagine yourself moving, this will begin the process of physically learning how! Come with a positive attitude to enjoy yourself and have fun while learning.

    These exercises are performed in a manner that keeps you free from pain and strain. Move in a way that elicits pleasure and curiosity, which will awaken your brain to learning.

    The Feldenkrais perspective attends to the more systemic patterns of muscular organization and body use which produce the stress leading to and maintaining injury (stress –strain-tear/rupture pain).

    The Feldenkrais practitioner does not attempt to treat the localised injury. Instead, she helps through teaching the student to become aware of how they use their body and to learn easier and more efficient ways of functioning.

    Our self-image is a body image, which not only determines what we think of ourselves but also what we do and how we do it.

    Rex Centre
    Tuesdays, 10am to 11am
    Wednesdays, 12pm to 1pm

    Tuesday 30 January to Tuesday 11 December 2018

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