Gig buddies

Gig buddies

Buddies for live gigs

The Gig Buddies program aims to increase access to live music and performances for people with disability. Assisted Community Living (ACL), a not-for-profit organisation providing living needs support to people with learning disabilities has developed a pilot program with $20,000 in sponsorship from the City.

Since October 2013, ACL has been working with UK charity Stay Up Late, which developed the original program, to create Gig Buddies and establish it within the Sydney metropolitan area.

The pilot will demonstrate the program's viability, promote and generate interest with disability and live music communities and refine rollout procedures and policies. 

ACL estimates the pilot, which launched in February 2015, will recruit 16 volunteer gig buddies paired with 16 people with disability. The aim is to increase participation by 50% when the pilot ends in October 2015.

The City supports the Gig Buddies program through its Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2014–2017 and the Live Music and Performance Action Plan, which both advocate participation of people with disability as audience members and artists in arts programs.

You can follow Gig Buddies on Facebook and Twitter.

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Last updated: Monday, 6 July 2015