Meeting summaries

Meeting summaries

21 February 2017

Panel members provided advice about key actions and priorities for the forthcoming Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017–2021. The panel highlighted the importance of the City continuing disability awareness training for all staff and embedding inclusion across its processes and operations. The panel advised a priority in the plan should be strategies that contribute to meaningful employment for people with disability.

The panel suggested people with disability be represented more broadly across City events, programs and activities as well as in communications and promotional material, to clearly demonstrate the City's commitment to celebrating diversity. The panel also recommended the City explore strategies to deliver additional ’changing places‘ toilets in the city.

These facilities include adult change tables to make it possible for people with profound disability from across greater Sydney and beyond, to visit and participate in the cultural, learning and social activities on offer in the City’s local area.

23 January 2017 

Extraordinary meeting

City staff provided panel members with an overview of progress on the current Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2014–2017.

Panel members were asked to comment on which actions should be ongoing and those that should be carried over to the next plan. 

City staff and panel members also discussed the recommendations made by participants in the community consultations undertaken in December 2016 and how these may be reflected in the forthcoming plan.

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