Environmental grants

Environmental grants

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The City of Sydney sponsors a wide variety of projects and initiatives. Priority is given to activities that help support Sustainable Sydney 2030.

The environmental grants program provides funding opportunities for funding in excess of $5000 to support projects that provide a clear environmental benefit to the City’s communities by:

  • delivering services
  • supporting activities or resources that directly result in environmental improvements
  • developing knowledge, skills and confidence in the community to encourage environmental improvements within the local area.

The program aims to encourage the development or provision of community-based environmental services and programs. The goal is to deliver clear benefits to the City’s communities and address one of the following environmental priority needs:

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency and uptake of renewable energy
  • avoid the production of waste and increasing rates of resource reuse and recycling
  • improve water and storm-water quality, increasing water conservation and recycling
  • improve urban ecology, biodiversity and habitat
  • increase access to local food production and community gardens
  • improve the environmental performance of the urban landscape through initiatives such as green roofs and walls
  • increase uptake of active transport through initiatives that promote and enable cycling and walking
  • reduce environmental footprints through environmental education and engagement activities.

Applications to the Environmental Grants Program are invited twice a year.

General policy eligibility and exclusions apply.

To see examples of City of Sydney Environmental Grants in action, read our great grant stories.

How to apply

All applications are assessed against the grant criteria and in accordance with the City's grants and sponsorships policy.

Before you get started, get in touch with us to make sure your project is eligible. The grants team are very happy to provide advice and support to all grants applicants but we cannot proof read draft applications.


For more information about this program, please contact:

The Grants Team
02 9265 9333

Last updated: Friday, 29 August 2014