Major festivals program

Major festivals

Sydney is a vibrant international city with a globally recognised creative and cultural life. This is reflected in our large festivals which fill the streets, theatres, galleries, parks and cultural spaces of Sydney. People visit Sydney’s festivals seeking creative challenges, inspiration, pleasure and the opportunity to celebrate as a community. 

The City’s sponsorship of these organisations contributes to their day to day operational costs and the City seeks specific outcomes from each of them. These sponsorships are ongoing, and reviewed every 3 years. 

Organisations receiving funding through the Major Festivals Program are not required to apply for funding through a grants program – funding arrangements will be directly negotiated between the organisations and the City. 

The City seeks to recognise Sydney’s 8 major festivals in support of their significant contribution to the social, cultural and economic life of Sydney. The aim of the program is to maximise the benefits that both the City and the festivals receive from maintaining an on-going relationship. 

The following Festivals are eligible under the Major Festivals Program:

  • Sydney Festival
  • Sydney Writers’ Festival
  • Biennale of Sydney
  • Sydney Film Festival
  • Sydney Mardi Gras
  • The Australia Day Council of NSW
  • Yabun Festival
  • Sydney Fringe Festival.

Last updated: Friday, 8 February 2013