Accommodation grants

Accommodation grants

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Tenancy 1, 247 Oxford Street, Paddington

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Closes 5pm 25 July 2016.

Community facilities

The City of Sydney’s accommodation grants program facilities include a diverse range of buildings and spaces that vary in size, location and function.

Under the accommodation grants program, the City leases community facilities or space within facilities at no charge or at a reduced rate. 

Accommodation grant recipients are organisations that provide services that meet the needs identified in Sustainable Sydney 2030 and the City’s strategic plans and policies.

The grants support community groups, organisations and services that encourage community development, enhance social, cultural and environmental programs and services and address community opportunities and needs.

The City recognises these contributions and services are important in creating a vibrant and sustainable city.

In this way, the City and the community act collaboratively to bring to life the City of Villages.

General policy eligibility and exclusions apply.


For more information about this program, please contact:

Grants team
02 9265 9333

Now open – Tenancy 1, 247 Oxford Street, Paddington

Applications are now open to secure a short term lease (maximum 15 months) for Tenancy 1, 247 Oxford Street, Paddington. Applications close promptly at 5pm on Monday 25 July 2016.

The premises is located within the Paddington Town Hall complex which includes a large public hall, a library, the Chauvel cinema and Eastside Radio.

This multi-faceted space is being made available for short term use by a cultural or creative organisation or project, or an organisation or project that has a cultural or creative focus. The space was most recently occupied by Metro Screen and retains purpose built features amenable to screen production, including a green screen studio. Given the existing infrastructure preference will be given to projects which have a film, video, writing for film production, festivals and/or events focus, or projects who work with these groups. You can review the spaces in the gallery below.

Applicants must register and attend an Open House prior to making an application. The next open house will occur on Thursday 14 July.

For full details, please review these documents before making your application.

Main image: Paddington Town Hall. Tenancy 1, 247 Oxford Street entry is via the Chavuel Cinema entrance.

Last updated: Tuesday, 5 July 2016