Street banner sponsorships

Street banner sponsorships

Street banner sponsorships

We have up to 2000 banner poles available for hire. The street banner sponsorship provides banner pole hire fee waiver for the City’s network of banners, enhancing streetscape vibrancy and raising the profile of forthcoming cultural events, social issues and other activities. 

Sponsorship only applies to banner pole hire fees. Applicants must meet all standard conditions of hire and pay all additional charges such as design, manufacture, installation and dismantling of banners. 

Funding available

Support is available for banner pole hire only. The City offers applicants the opportunity to request up to a maximum of 150 banner poles for a period of up to two weeks, once a year. Bookings must incorporate a minimum 50% B zones (CBD) and C zones (Urban). Our City Banners site has detailed maps and more information available.

Key dates

  • Applications will be received on an ad hoc basis throughout the financial year.
  • All applications should be submitted online at least eight weeks prior to the event taking place.
  • The first activity should take place within 6 months of the sponsorship approval.


For more information about this program or how to apply, please contact: 

Grants Team02 9265 9333


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Last updated: Thursday, 8 January 2015