Ethics framework

Our principles

The City of Sydney is committed to working towards Sustainable Sydney 2030.

Through our grants and sponsorship programs the City seeks to support enterprises and endeavours that will contribute to the actions, strategic directions and the vision of Sustainable Sydney 2030, which:

  • contribute to human happiness, dignity and education
  • reduce energy, water and waste demands
  • encourage a sense of belonging and promote inclusiveness
  • celebrate and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their culture
  • support the dignity and well-being of animals
  • support the development of vibrant local economies and communities
  • foster sustainable development, renewal and design
  • promote a creative and cultural city
  • are consistent with the City’s espoused values and guiding principles of courage, innovation, integrity, collaboration and quality.

The City of Sydney will not support any enterprises that are considered to unnecessarily:

  • pollute land, air or water
  • destroy or waste non-recurring resources
  • market, promote or advertise products or services in a misleading or deceitful manner
  • produce, promote or distribute products or services likely to be harmful to the community
  • acquire land or commodities primarily for the purpose of speculative gain
  • create, encourage, or perpetuate militarism or engage in the manufacture of armaments
  • entice people into financial over-commitment
  • exploit people through the payment of below award wages or poor working conditions
  • discriminate by way of race, religion or sex in employment, marketing or advertising practices
  • contribute to the inhibition of human rights generally.

Last updated: Friday, 8 February 2013