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Community matching grants

Community matching grants

Applications are now closed

Project timeframe 2014/15: 1 September 2014–31 August 2015

Thank you for your applications, which are being processed and assessed in the next few months. We will let you know the outcome of your application in August.

The community matching grants program aims to engage the community, develop skills, build capacity and share funding arrangements to deliver local community-based projects. The program mainly works with community groups that partner with the City to support events, services and projects in their local neighbourhoods.

Applicants are required to demonstrate how they will meet a specific community project, which may include:

  • cultural projects
  • community building ideas
  • cycling related projects
  • tree planting and planter box proposals
  • community gardens
  • public art projects
  • multicultural programs
  • neighbourhood events and activities.

The program supports projects that involve genuine community participation. By 'matching' what the community contributes the City is building a sense of community and strengthening partnerships as people work together on the project.

General policy eligibility and exclusions apply.


How to apply

All applications are assessed against the grant criteria and in accordance with the City's grants and sponsorships policy, available for download below.

Please contact the City’s grants team on 02 9265 9333 before you apply. We are very happy to provide advice and support to all grants applicants but we cannot proof read draft applications.


For more information about this program, please contact:

The Grants Team
02 9265 9333


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Last updated: Wednesday, 9 April 2014