Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Domestic violence

Domestic violence support services

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person, there are specific service organisations that will provide you with support.

Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women’s Legal Centre

Provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, children and youth who are victims of domestic and family violence with access to appropriate legal representation, advice and referral.

General information
Monday to Friday: 9am–5pm

Legal advice
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9.30am–4pm

1800 686 587 or 02 9569 3847


Provides a range of services for Aboriginal women, their young families and girls including in-home family support, referrals for accommodation, and legal, medical and court support.

02 9698 1173

Monday to Friday: 9am–4pm

Indigenous Women’s Legal Contact Line

Legal advice and information for Aboriginal women from the Women's Legal Service NSW.

1800 639 784 or 02 8745 6977

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 10am–12.30pm

Redfern Aboriginal Medical Service

Health services and advice for the Aboriginal community.

02 9319 5823

Monday to Thursday: 8am–6pm
Friday: 8am–5pm

Greater Sydney Aboriginal Tenants Service

Tenant advice and advocacy for the Aboriginal community.

02 9698 0873

Monday to Friday: 9am–4pm

Aboriginal Contact Line

Operated by Victims Services and Support, NSW providing confidential enquiry line for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander victims of violent crime (such as family violence or sexual assault) in NSW.

1800 019 123

Hey Sis

Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia offers the ‘Hey Sis’ networking program for Aboriginal and and Torres Strait Islander women and girls from across NSW.

02 8585 0333

Last updated: Wednesday, 20 July 2016