Camera locations

Street safety cameras

Belmore Park

  • Pitt St x Hay St
  • Belmore Park – centre
  • Eddy Ave – Belmore Park South

Central Station

  • Elizabeth St x Market St
  • Macquarie St x St James Rd
  • Elizabeth St x Foveaux St

Circular Quay

  • George St x Alfred St
  • Pitt St x Alfred St
  • Alfred St x Loftus St
  • Alfred St x Phillip St

Cook + Phillip Park

  • College St x William St
  • Cathedral St
  • St Mary’s Rd x Cathedral St
  • Boomerang Walk (Yurong Parkway)
  • Woolloomooloo Walk

George Street

  • George St x Hunter St
  • King St x George St
  • Market St x George St
  • George St x Park St
  • George St x Druitt St
  • George St x Goulburn St
  • George St x Campbell St
  • George St x Hay St
  • George St x Regent St
  • George St x Grosvenor St

George Street Cinema

  • Castlereagh St x Liverpool St
  • George St x Bathurst St
  • George St x Wilmot St
  • Kent St x Albion Ln
  • George St opp Central St
  • George St x Liverpool St


  • Bay St x Grose St
  • Broadway x City Rd
  • Glebe Point Road


  • Dixon St x Factory St
  • Sussex St x Goulburn St
  • Harbour St x Little Hay St
  • Dixon St x Little Hay St
  • Dixon St x Hay St
  • Ultimo Rd x Thomas St
  • Sussex St x Liverpool St
  • George St x Rawson St
  • Pitt St x Goulburn St

Hyde Park North

  • Elizabeth St x Bathurst St
  • Elizabeth St between Park St and Market St

Hyde Park South

  • Park St – Hyde Park South
  • Hyde Park Pool of Reflection
  • Anzac Memorial – south
  • Museum Station

Kings Cross

  • Darlinghurst Rd x Llankelly Pl
  • Darlinghurst Rd x Macleay St
  • Springfield Mall
  • Roslyn St x Kellet St
  • Darlinghurst Rd
  • Darlinghurst Rd x Bayswater Rd
  • Bayswater Rd x Kellet St
  • Bayswater Rd
  • Bayswater Rd taxi rank – fixed
  • Darlinghurst Rd x Victoria St
  • Darlinghurst Rd x William St
  • William St x Forbes St
  • William St x Crown St
  • Victoria St – fixed
  • Butler Stairs x Victoria St (top of the stairs)

Liverpool Street

  • Liverpool St – Central Local Court
  • Liverpool St x Pitt St

Martin Place

  • Martin Place x Elizabeth St
  • Martin Place x Castlereagh St
  • Martin Place x Pitt St
  • Martin Place x George St

Oxford Street

  • Oxford St x Wentworth St
  • Oxford St x Pelican St
  • Oxford St x Riley St
  • Oxford St x Crown St
  • Oxford St x Palmer St
  • Oxford St x Taylor Sq
  • Oxford St x Darlinghurst Rd
  • Campbell St x Bourke St

Pitt Street

  • Pitt St x Bridge St

Pitt Street Mall

  • King St x Pitt St
  • Market St x Pitt St
  • Pitt St Mall – centre
  • College St x Prince Albert Rd

Railway Square

  • George St x Quay St

Retail centre

  • King St x York St
  • Pitt St x Park St

The Rocks

  • Campbell Cove
  • First Fleet Park
  • George St x Hickson Rd
  • George St x Argyle St
  • Nurses Walk

Sydney Square

  • Sydney Square – top 
  • Sydney Square – bottom

Sydney Town Hall

  • Kent St x Druitt St
  • Park St x Castlereagh St
  • Sussex St x Druitt St
  • Town Hall House after hours entry


  • Cathedral St x Forbes St (Walla Mulla Park)
  • Woolloomooloo Park

Wynyard Station

  • Margaret St x York St
  • Carrington St x Wynyard St

Street safety camera map

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Last updated: Wednesday, 24 May 2017