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Community gardens

Community gardens

More City green patches

A new community garden has been approved in Glebe, joining 18 other community community gardens and 3 footpath gardens that have been set up across the City of Sydney.

The St Helen's Community Garden Group, made up of 25 locals from Glebe, wanted to set up a series of gardens over 620 square metres between 2 heritage buildings on Glebe Point Road.

Community gardening offers locals the opportunity to grow and harvest their own produce "to experience the taste of newly picked vegetables".

Local resident Jan Macindoe said establishing the garden brought people out of the woodwork and offered the opportunity to learn from other green thumbs.

"I've lived here for 35 years and I know a lot of people. But I've met new people since starting the planning. I really enjoy that," Mcindoe said.

The local community wanted to reduce "food miles" – the carbon used to transport food from farms to consumers.

The City has provided $10,000 to start the St Helen's Community Garden that will include accessible veggie patches, a secret garden and an ornamental vegetable garden.

It will use an existing rainwater tank for irrigation, a worm farm, compost bins and only organic fertilisers and pesticides will be used.

5 benefits of community gardens

  • Residents have easy access to a communal plot of land.
  • Diverse plants and seeds can be saved.
  • Household waste can be reduced through composting.
  • Demonstrates practical organic gardening methods.
  • Brings people together to create a sense of community.

Community gardens and Green Villages

The City's Green Villages site has information about starting your own community garden, where to find existing community gardens and community gardening success stories to inspire you.

The site also includes information about City grants, which can help kick start your own community garden if you have a plan and location in mind. Grants can be cash or in-kind support, such as hiring a City venue.


Raewyn Broadfoot
Community Gardens Coordinator02 9265 9786


Green Villages: Community gardens

Last updated: Monday, 2 December 2013