Community gardens

Community gardens

Grow and share fruit and veggies

Even if you don’t have the space or resources, you can still keep your green thumbs busy by getting involved with a community garden. Community gardening offers you the opportunity to grow and harvest your own produce. It also creates more green patches of vegetables, plants and flowers across the city.

Community gardens bring so much more to our city than home-grown fresh produce:

  • They help reduce household waste through composting.
  • They offer the chance to get your hands dirty in a communal plot of land.
  • Residents can learn about, and use, practical organic gardening methods.
  • They help save and protect diverse plants and seeds.
  • They bring people together as a community.

There are 23 community gardens run by volunteers in the local area.

Here are some great stories where the City and locals have worked together to fund and create community gardens.

How do I start a community or verge garden?

Start thinking about an ideal location and talk to your neighbours to see if they’re interested in a community garden – read our list of tips. If green thumbs are all up, get in touch with us to help – you’ll need to understand our policy too.

How can I contact or volunteer at my local community garden?

Contact an existing group via email or phone to see how you can help or join.

Can my company volunteer at a garden?

Our local community gardens have limited opportunities to involve companies or organisations for one-off volunteering events. We suggest you contact Conservation Volunteer Australia to find out about other volunteering opportunities.

Last updated: Thursday, 26 March 2015