Signature Apartments

Signature Apartments

Signature Apartments Rooftop Garden

Towering high in the air near Prince Alfred Park in Surry Hills, the Signature Apartments Rooftop Garden was established by an active community of residents who were interested in creating a more sustainable lifestyle in the heart of Sydney.

Today, the residents’ rooftop space is home to more than fifty self-contained garden beds growing herbs, small veggies and flowers.

World-friendly work

Thanks to the garden, the residents are excited to have access to fresh, seasonal, chemical-free fruit and vegetables that are locally grown.

Local support

One of the best ways we can reduce our energy consumption is to eat food that we either grow ourselves or buy from local sustainable sources. Sydney Food Connect enables Signature Apartments to do this by linking people with their local produce.

Operated locally by Petra Minimart, a Food Connect pick-up point within the apartment complex, members of the community can now enjoy fresh, home-grown food.


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Last updated: Wednesday, 11 June 2014