What we do

Free child restraint checks

The City of Sydney offers a free child restraint check and installation to City residents and families associated with a children's service in the local area, such as a:

  • child care centre
  • pre-school
  • school.

Free child restraint checks will be offered until 30 June 2015.

If you live outside the local area, please contact your council for information about nearby child restraint checks.  

Register for a free child restraint check.

We would also appreciate some feedback about the program to help us with future planning. 

You can add your feedback about the child restraint program here.  

Kids and roads safety program

Hold My Hand is a safety campaign the City is delivering together with the organisation Kids and Traffic.

Safety posters are available to download in 15 different languages.


City of Sydney
02 9265 9333


Child car seats

Free workshops for supervisors
of learner drivers

The City runs free workshops for supervisors of learner drivers.

Practical advice is shared at the workshops including:

  • supervising learner drivers
  • completing the learner driver log book
  • the benefits of driving practice.

Workshop dates

Tuesday 28 October 2014
Customs House 

Bookings are essential. Please contact us to find out more or reserve a place.


City of Sydney
02 9265 9333

City speed limits

There are different speed limits in the local area. Limits are the maximum speeds that should be obeyed in good driving conditions. Drivers should reduce their speed in bad weather or poor visibility. 

Lower speeds are also required around central Sydney because pedestrians, cyclists and heavier traffic share the road.

If a car hits a pedestrian at 50 kilometres an hour, the pedestrian is twice as likely to be killed than if the car was travelling at 40 kilometres an hour. A small difference in speed means a big difference to save lives.

Keep your speed down around town because:

  • it’s less stressful
  • it’s easier to stop
  • you may not need to brake as often if you follow the traffic flow
  • you can save money on petrol and reduce your carbon footprint.

Speed limits

The speed limits in the following areas are:

  • 50 kilometres an hour in urban New South Wales
  • 40 kilometres an hour on streets in areas with heavy foot traffic, including The Rocks, Millers Point, Ultimo and Woolloomooloo
  • 40 kilometres an hour in school zones
  • 30 kilometres an hour on Druitt Street and in the Royal Botanic Gardens
  • 10 kilometres an hour in shared zones where drivers must give way to pedestrians. 


Roads and Maritime Services: Speeding penalties NSW Centre for Road Safety: Speeding Transport for NSW: Don't Rush campaignTransport for NSW: 40 km/h speed limit for Sydney CBD.

Last updated: Friday, 18 July 2014