Looking after our City

Our Council Committees make decisions and recommendations for their delegated areas of responsibility. The 5 Committees are:

The Central Sydney Planning Committee and the Central Sydney Traffic and Transport Committee involve City of Sydney representatives but they are separate decision-making bodies to Council.

The Committees meet regularly and members of the public are welcome to participate.


Some of the committees defer matters to their sub-committees.

Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee:

  • Economic Development and Business

Cultural and Community Committee:

  • Cultural and Creative Sub-Committee
  • Healthy Communities Sub-Committee 

Planning and Development:

  • Transport, Heritage and Planning
  • Development Assessment
  • Major Development Assessment

Committee policies and procedures

  1. The structure and functions of Committees is standing policy of Council.
  2. All correspondence from, or to, all Committees, and Sub-Committees, shall be handled through normal Council processes. Correspondence to any Committee/Sub-Committee shall be tabled at the Committee meeting and placed on the relevant file. The contents of any outward correspondence, purporting to state the views of a Committee/Sub-Committee, shall conform with existing Council policy and shall be circulated to Councillors via the CEO update.
  3. All Committees and Sub-Committees shall be advisory to Council and have no independent role, except where specific authorities are delegated to them by Council.
  4. Matters dealt with in Committee shall be submitted to Council without recommendation only when the chairperson so determines.
  5. The chairpersons of Standing Committees and Sub-Committees shall have a casting vote in the event of an equality of voting.