Central Sydney Planning

Central Sydney Planning

Developing our City

The Central Sydney Planning Committee determines applications for major developments with an estimated cost of more than $50 million.

The Planning Committee has 7 members:

  • Lord Mayor of Sydney
  • 2 City of Sydney Councillors
  • 4 people appointed by the Minister administering part 4 of the Planning Act. Two should be senior state government employees and the other 2 employed elsewhere. They should have expertise in architecture, building, civic design, construction, engineering, transport, tourism, the arts, planning or heritage.

The Minister administering part 4 of the Planning Act needs the concurrence of the Minister administering the Public Works Act 1912 before appointing a senior state government employee if the employee is appointed because of his or her expertise in architecture or civic design.

At least one of the senior state government employees appointed must be either the Director-General of the Department of Planning or a senior executive officer of the Department of Planning.


City of Sydney Council members

Lord Mayor Councillor Clover Moore (Chair)
Councillor John Mant (alternative Deputy Lord Mayor Irene Doutney)
Councillor Robert Kok (alternative Councillor Jenny Green)

State-appointed members

Mr Peter Poulet
NSW Government Architect

Mr Gary White
State Government member 

Ms Gabrielle Trainor
Non-Government member

The Hon. Robert Webster
Non-Government member

Last updated: Tuesday, 27 October 2015