Central Sydney Traffic and Transport

Central Sydney Traffic and Transport

The roads that bind

The Central Sydney Traffic and Transport Committee coordinates transport policy and major transport related works between the City of Sydney and the NSW Government.

The Committee has 7 members:

  • 3 are nominated by Council
  • 3 are nominated by the state government
  • the Director-General of Transport for NSW chairs the committee.

The City must refer any significant projects or works that impact on the road reserve to the Committee for consideration. The Committee can note a project or work if it has no objection, refuse a project permission to proceed, or defer or alter a project. 

The Central Sydney Planning Committee must also seek the advice of the Central Sydney Traffic and Transport Committee if any development application under consideration will have a significant impact on the road reserve.

The Committee is constituted by the State under the City of Sydney Act.

For further details of the Committee, how it operates, meeting dates, membership and agendas, please visit the official state government website.


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Last updated: Tuesday, 27 September 2016