Leading our City

The City of Sydney is represented by a Lord Mayor and 9 Councillors who are elected for a 4-year term. The Deputy Lord Mayor is elected by the Councillors each year. All Councillors represent the entire local area as the City is not divided into wards.

The current term of office for all Councillors of the City of Sydney concluded on Friday 9 September 2016 with an election held on Saturday 10 September 2016. A profile (including contact details) for each Councillor elected for the new 4-year term of office will be made available shortly after the Declaration of the Poll.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore

Clover Moore is Lord Mayor of Sydney, currently serving her third term. She is the first popularly elected woman to lead the City of Sydney and previously served on the City and South Sydney councils.

Full profile: Lord Mayor Clover Moore

Councillor contacts

Contact details for City of Sydney Councillors.

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