Meeting times


Council generally meets on a 3 weekly cycle on Mondays. Extraordinary meetings are called when needed. Council meetings start at 5pm.

Calendar and business papers

Find out when the next Council and Committee meetings are scheduled with direct links to the business papers for each meeting.

Code of meeting practice

Find out how we conduct our meetings.

Follow Council on Twitter

Minutes from each Council meeting are made available after each meeting.

You can also keep up to date on Council decisions during meetings by following @cos_meetings on Twitter.

Please note: This Twitter account is an automated feed, created to provide updates on decisions.

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Speaking to committees

Members of the public can address Councillors at committee meetings. Find out how to ensure your voice is heard by our Councillors.


Committees meet on the Monday and Tuesday before the next scheduled Council meeting to discuss and prepare their recommendations.

On Monday, committees start at 2pm in the following order (except that the Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee starts at 1.00pm on the occasions when it considers Quarterly Reviews):

  1. Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee
  2. Environment Committee
  3. Cultural and Community Committee

On Tuesday, the sub-committees of the Planning and Development Committee start at 4pm in the following order:

  1. Transport, Heritage and Planning Sub-Committee
  2. Major Development Assessment Sub-Committee*
  3. Development Assessment Sub-Committee*

* Meetings of the Major Development Assessment and the Development Assessment Sub-Committees, which deal with development applications and footway usage applications, will commence no earlier than 5pm on Tuesday.

Last updated: Tuesday, 19 January 2016